Verdict of the Week

MPs’ Expenses Row

MPs are about to vote on recommending themselves a massive increase in MPs’ salaries in addition to ruling on expenses.  The Houses of Parliament have their own commission to decide these things but it is made up entirely of MPs themselves, all of whom later have the chance to vote on its recommendations.

This seems to be a fairly scandalous situation to be in that harps of hypocrisy and self interest.  The process is obviously not transparent, it is not independent and it is hugely biased. 

The eCourt Verdict then is that there should be an independent commission to review the rates of pay and expenses for MPs.  They would have the power to make recommendations on which MPs could then vote on.  The commission would be comprised of only a few representatives from parliament, the rest would be entirely independent.

This independent commission would then be able to make unbiased decisions that reflect the mood of the nation and which are influenced by the needs of the economy, and driven by the necessities of the time and would have the power to review individual cases in certain exceptional circumstances.


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