Verdict of the Week

London 2012 Olympics

The problem facing London 2012 now is how to top the breathtaking marvel that was the Beijing Olympics. The eCourt Verdict seems to be that we can't possibly match it in terms of spending or spectacle, so we must return the focus to sport and how it's showcased.

If there was one thing that Beijing didn't do well, it was letting the audience know what was going on and when. We must return the focus to the sport. This requires good presentation and this we can do well.

Let's keep it simple and classy and resist the kind of nonsense that we saw at the end of the closing ceremony in China with red buses unfolding to reveal David Beckham.

We should stick to doing what we do best. Britain leads the world in pomp and ceremony, we're world class at it, so lets do it to showcase the greatest sporting arena in the world. Let's hope we can keep the political correct brigade from interfering with it too much, and if we then throw in a little self deprecating humour along the way, we should have a great Olympic games.

In Britain we are still renowned for our sportsmanship, integrity, honesty and our ability to rise up against the odds in adversity. Let's stick to the basics and maybe we can live up to the Olympic ideal and strive for even higher honours in 2012.


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