Verdict of the Week

House of Lords Peers for Hire

Following on from yet another House of Lords Peers for hire scandal, there have been increased calls in the press and media for a total overhaul in the House of Lords.  It is completely unacceptable for unelected peers to be able to change the laws of the land in exchange for money.  Such behaviour can only be described as bribery, and is act on fraud against the House and against the country.  Furthermore, that there is no disciplinary procedure to tackle such problems that arise in the House, completely beggars belief.  There is no place for such blatantly fraudulent behaviour in a true democracy, yet alone in British Parliament which likes to claim itself as the mother of modern democracy.

The House of Lords is an essential part of our democracy, in that it is the only system we have to keep parliament in check.  The eCourt verdict then is a swift and simple one; both the Houses of Parliament are in desperate need of reform.  They must be seen to be honest, transparent and completely accountable for their every action, no one with a criminal record should be allowed to serve there, their expenses must be kept in check, their allowances more open and a suitable system for dealing with any misdemeanours must be instigated immediately.  We must put an end to the fiddles, extended holidays and tax dodges that are so prevalent even in the higher echelons of both Houses.  If the British public is to regain any sort of faith in their MPs, this must be done immediately.


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