Verdict of the Week

Global Warming

There is an ever increasing clamour for us to reduce our carbon footprint, one that is rarely debated properly and one that most of the green brigade are keen to sign up to and equally swift to condemn those who even question it that global warming is going on and is due to man's carbon emissions. But just how true is it?

There have been several reports recently that suggest that there is little to no proof that carbon emissions are damaging the environment. C02 is a natural gas that the planet needs. Plants would be unable to photosynthesise without carbon dioxide and all plant life would die without it. It is also a natural greenhouse gas, which helps protect the planet and keep in our heat, without which we would all die, so let's stop demonizing C02 quite so viciously without facts and proof.

Yes, there was a small half a degree increase in the temperature of the planet than that of thirty years ago, but the planet naturally goes through hot and cold periods and has been a great deal hotter and has been a great deal colder.

There is one inconvenient truth that the green brigade seems to have overlooked. That we produce more carbon now than we did five years ago, thanks to the rapid industrial expansion of countries like China, India, and Russia as well as the gluttonous expansion of the United States and yet for nearly a decade there has been no rise in global warming. That fact alone takes some explaining and one that no scientist has been able to supply a satisfactory answer to.

The eCourt Verdict: Let's debate global warming and carbon emissions properly, with all the facts on the table, before we tax everyone for their carbon emissions and before we go too far down the road of denouncing all those who question the possibility that the current thinking may actually be wrong.


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