Verdict of the Week

FIFA Plans for English Football

With the debacle of England not having taken any part in the 2008 European Championships, it has sparked fresh debate on how to improve English football.

FIFA has recently put forward plans to limit the English Premier League sides to having five foreign players each forcing them to have six home grown players in their starting line up. This would certainly encourage the big clubs to invest more seriously in English talent to produce more local talent to strengthen the English Team.

England's abysmal record though, may also have something to do with poor management as well and you only have to look at our bi-annual debacle of trying to choose a manager for the England side to know that there is a dearth of talent here.

So, the eCourt Verdict is to applaud the FIFA initiatives, but to take them further and to male all the big Clubs have some English Managers on their management teams as well.


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