When the parents of two sons died, the parents left their old and rundown house to both of them to be split equally.  But one son, Joe, was living in the house, had huge debts, couldn't afford to move out, and so he stayed on.  This made it impossible for the other son, Pat, to either restore it or sell it.  The dispute raged between solicitors for nearly fifteen years, building up fees that were eating away a substantial proportion of the value of the inheritance.

When Pat consulted one of the Assessors from eCourt, a compromise offer was on the table within days.  Pat agreed to fund the restoration of the house if Joe agreed to sell and split the profits. This was done and the house sold.  Joe had enough to clear his debts and put down a deposit for a new flat and Pat got his share of the inheritance.  The total cost of the process through eCourt worked out at £750 each.  Compare this with the cost of another fifteen years worth of solicitors fees, they saved many thousands of pounds and both were able to move on with their lives again.


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