When a small sports club decided to make their waiter and kitchen porter, work behind the bar and use the computerised cash tills, they discovered he was unable to use the computer as well as they'd hoped and so they decided to dismiss him.  A relative of the old porter claimed the dismissal was unfair as he was only originally brought in to work as a waiter and porter, which he was still very good at.  The company made the porter a small offer of £3,000, but the relative thought it was not good enough and consulted one of the Assessors at eCourt.

The assessment was made that the company should triple their offer to £12,000, as this would be less than the cost of dragging it all through the courts, and less than the total cost if the porter won his case for unfair dismissal.  In the end the company agreed to the eCourt offer and all parties got a satisfactory result.

The cost of going through eCourt for a submission of that size was £500 each.  The estimate for having to go through the courts to settle it could have cost £10,000 - £30,000 each, possibly more.



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