When Stacie entered a competition to win a brand new sports car, she asked her friend Gary, a well respected copywriter, to help her write the tie-breaker.  She promised him her old car if she won it.

To her surprise, with Gary's slick tiebreaker, she won the car, only she reneged on the deal, sold her old car and pocketed the difference.  Gary was more than a little put out by this and wanted his promised share of the winnings, after all it was his expertise that won her the car.  eCourt decided that it was a legally binding verbal contract that had been witnessed by mutual friends, and that she should have kept the deal.  The final eCourt verdict was a compromise which saw her paying Gary half the money she had made from selling the car.

This she did and the dispute was resolved amicably at a cost of £50 each.  The estimates to have taken the case to court would have been many thousands of pounds more than the car was worth.



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