When the Millers put up gates in their garden to keep in their dogs, they suddenly found themselves in dispute with their neighbours who claimed that they couldn't do this and that they had to take the gates down as there was a right of way that ran through the Millers garden.  The Millers thought they should defend it, both for the safety of their pets, to keep them escaping onto the main road, and to protect the value of their house.

The eCourt Assessor adjudicated that the Millers could keep their gates, but that the neighbour would be allowed an easement, but not a right of way, through the land, allowing access for calling tradesmen, like dustmen, postman, and emergency access, etc.  This meant that the Millers dogs would be safe, but that the neighbours should be allowed an easement to smooth daily use and in case of emergencies.  This Assessment cost them £250 each and took less than two weeks.

Unfortunately for the Millers, the other neighbour was not happy with this settlement.  They wanted their neighbour's gates down and a legal right of way through their garden, even though they had their own, more convenient entrance.

The case escalated beyond the original £15,000 estimate and ended up in the High Court and costing them each over £100,000, wiping out both their life savings and virtually bankrupting them both.  The end result was exactly the same as the eCourt solution, just £100,000 more expensive, on top of two years worth of litigation, stress and worry.


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