Mr Ray Di O'Listener

Being a huge athletics fan, I entered a contest advertised on Radio Swizz to "win a trip to Beijing to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony live in Beijing ."

Imagine my excitement when I won the competition, but I was disappointed to learn later that the prize was actually watching the ceremony live on television in a local Chinese restaurant called " Beijing half a mile from where I live.

I complained to the Radio Swizz that their prize was misleading but they insisted that they honoured the exact prize that they had advertised.

I think this is misleading and was thinking of taking them to court. I think this is deception and would like an eCourt ruling on the matter.

Radio Swizz

Yes, we advertised this competition and the prize went out to a hundred listeners, and only five of them complained. The other 95 all went to the Beijing Restaurant had a wonderful meal on us and enjoyed the Opening Ceremony in real style.

As the competition went on, we alluded to the fact that the prize was only really to the local Chinese Restaurant and by the time the competition closed we had made it completely clear.

We think it was a great prize for a small company like us to offer, it was only ever meant to be a bit of fun and everyone else had a great time.


The eCourt Assessors looked very carefully at this one. The eCourt Verdict is that the initial promotion was definitely misleading and could be deemed to be unfair.

However as the promotion went on it became clear what the true nature of the prize really was. 95% of the prize winners had a great time and the promotion was a success in that respect.

The eCourt Assessors felt that the Radio station could be in trouble if the complaining prize winners were to pursue it further, and so, as a compromise, eCourt suggests that the station should apologise on air to anyone who felt they had been misled.

Also anyone who thought they had been treated unfairly, would be offered a promotional day at the Radio Swizz, to come in, meet the DJ's and have a tour of the station, with each prize winner being allowed to pick a record and make a dedication of their choice.


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