“My neighbour's wife is having an affair with another man. I have heard the man boasting about it in the pub and I don't know what to do. I really like and respect the cuckolded husband, we often go out as a four and we all get on really well. I want to know whether I should tell him about his unfaithful wife, or not.”

The role of eCourt is often varied and always diverse, and our job is to advise and offer independent, third party opinions without bias or prejudice and in accordance to the facts. It is sometimes very difficult to know the real facts of cases like these as the truth often gets blurred in a myriad of emotions, but when people with personal dilemmas such as these reach out to us for an impartial opinion, we do our best to assist.

From the little information you have given us, there is no way to prove that these two are actually having an affair. Men boasting in pubs is a notoriously unreliable source of information. There could be many reasons why these two may appear close, we had one similar case that to all intents and purposes seemed like a married woman was having a covert affair, but it turned out that she was just secretly organizing a surprise party for the husband's fortieth birthday!

So, first off, we would urge caution with this assumption of an affair. We would recommend that you stop short of telling anyone. It can be embarrassing if you are wrong, and even more awkward if you are right. The reality is, that it is not any of your business and revealing the alleged tryst, may actually make you the bad guy to both parties. You expose one party and publicly humiliate the other and they may both turn against you.

Even if you were right, the eCourt Verdict in this matter is that you should stay out of it. If you are correct and it does turn out to be true, then the best course of action open to you is that you can be a good friend and be as supportive as you can, when you can, without taking sides or apportioning blame.


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